Choosing a Log Splitter

log splitterThere are three main types of log splitters are available. These three include electric, manual and gas. Despite this, it is actually quite difficult to determine the best type. The most appropriate will largely be dependent on your budget and needs. The manual splitters are the ones that are considered to be the least expensive while the electric cutters believed to be priced in the mid-range. Gas wood splitters on the other hand are viewed to be the most costly of all three types. If you want to establish the type that will be most suitable for you, take into consideration the size of logs to be split including price of the splitter. Another aspect that needs to be considered when selecting the right machine is frequency of use.

Manual provide advantages and disadvantages alike which should be taken into account during selection. A key advantage is the price of the splitter. They are the most affordable machines that can be used for splitting logs. It is possible to purchase the manual splitters which incorporate either a horizontal or vertical design which have the capacity to split a maximum of ten tons. This kind of processor loads slower. Furthermore, they are physically demanding when compared to the other models currently available. They have numerous advantages too. Manual cutters are the lightest options when it comes to portability. They are consequently easier to transport from one place to the other.

The electric log cutters are the most popular with many individuals since they can be used indoors considering they do not emit harmful fumes. This is the primary advantage they have when compared to the gas cutters even though they still provide a sizeable amount of splitting capacity when compared to their manual counterparts. The other advantage the electric splitters have is the fact that they can be powered using standard 120V outlets that are grounded so as to prevent the likelihood of an overload in the electrical circuitry. In addition, they are affordable than the gas powered splitters, lighter and easily moveable than the majority of gas models. The only primary disadvantage of the electric is the need for electrical outlets to be available when they are being operated. When your work will mostly be done in the field, then this may not be a good option for you.

The gas powered cutters are the most costly option but most powerful. They have the capabilities of splitting almost 38 tons of logs which makes them the most appropriate option for users who want to split knotty and large logs. They also come with trailer options for most of their models. This way, they can be moved from one site to another with a trailer hitch.

If you intend to use the splitter moderately or for personal use, then it is a good idea to establish log sizes you want to use it on and the budget you have. If you are on a small budget, a manual cutter will be the most excellent option. If you plan to use a splitter indoors, the electric option will be the best for you. However, if you want to split large logs, a gas powered splitter is the best alternative. Take note that no single one of them is better than the other.

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